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  • Putting The ERP In Customer Experience Initiatives


    How much thought have you given recently to the role your ERP system plays in enabling your customer experience initiatives? When you implemented the system efficiency, scheduling, and getting more flexibility were probably on the list of goals, but not necessarily customer experience, even though it is impacted by all the other goals. When it … Continued

  • Preserve Our Technological History: A Proposal


    I propose a broad movement to collect and preserve the books and other physical materials that document the creation and development of 20th century technology. As IT professionals, we naturally think of information as being digital. But vast quantities of technological data exist in books, papers, notes and other physical formats. These data, created by … Continued

  • Accountancy Is A Service, Not A Commodity Product


    There is far more to accountancy than compliance. And SMEs want far more from their accountants than just basic management accounts, VAT returns and tax returns. With the shift to online technologies, accountants now have real-time access to accurate, detailed client information – so don’t waste it. Accountants now have the perfect platform to exploit their … Continued

  • Enterprise Content Management


    Document Management captures, shares and retains content, enabling users to version, search and simply build their own content applications – all with the tools they use today. Real people want the simplicity and familiarity of the tools they use day-in, day-out: shared drives and Microsoft Office Document Management System (DMS) features provide organizations with all … Continued

  • Why “Cloud” Development Will Change The World


    Back 18-24 months ago,  the three primary application stores for mobile devices passed the One Million total available application milestone. Today, we have moved well beyond that total and there is no stopping the growth. What however is happening is that applications are built and thrown out for consumption without some of the standards that … Continued

  • Business Transformation And The IT Journey


    Business Transformation and the IT Journey When we look at significant business model changes during the past thirty years, technology has often been at the core. From mainframes to mini-computers to microcomputers to client/server to the Internet – technology change has been a major driver for business change. Today, while there are certainly new technologies, … Continued

  • Time for change


    Technology is now at the core of every business and a key component of remaining competitive is how well technology is implemented. Forrester values the UK IT market at £66.5bn annually and forecasts this figure to increase by 4.6 per cent in 2014.The planning for, investment in, and subsequent process of embracing technology must be … Continued

  • Samsung to make a mini version of its Galaxy S4


    The Galaxy S4 mini, a slimmed-down version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, is on its way, the company announced Thursday. Widely rumored after an accidental leak, the company confirmed that the mini will be one of the products rolled out at a Samsung event in London on June 20. On the heels of a hot start … Continued