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  • The Revolution In Online Bookkeeping: Counting On The Cloud


    Unlike traditional software, online accounting technology provides the real-time controls and visibility needed to put small and microbusiness owners in the driving seat when it comes to their finances. The boom in function-rich cloud-based software is having a transformational effect on the vast small business community. Nowhere is this being felt more keenly than in … Continued

  • Understanding The Technology Behind The Future Of Finance


    Slow and steady? Think again. In the world of financial trading, it is the company with the quickest network that wins the race. Ultra-low latency has become a critical network characteristic of many organizations wishing to stay competitive. This is particularly true for the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms. The race began with … Continued

  • Samsung to make a mini version of its Galaxy S4


    The Galaxy S4 mini, a slimmed-down version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, is on its way, the company announced Thursday. Widely rumored after an accidental leak, the company confirmed that the mini will be one of the products rolled out at a Samsung event in London on June 20. On the heels of a hot start … Continued

  • Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication


    Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication In The Multi-Generational Workplace The advances being made on the technology side of business, such as cloud, social media and smartphone apps often have to stop and wait for the human side to catch up. Resistance, fear and inertia are rampant in companies whose managers and senior decision-makers remain … Continued

  • 6 ERP System Characteristics You Don’t Want To Comprise On


    You may find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the potential choices of ERP software available on the market. Many decision makers have purchased such software only to find out later that it was not the right fit for their specific business. Although there is a myriad of information available to aid in the ERP Systems … Continued

  • 4 Ways That Cloud Hosting Has Changed How We Do Business


    Cloud hosting has lowered the barrier to entry for IT provisioning, provided improved collaboration tools and platforms, driven innovation, and increased choice. There is a huge amount of hype surrounding the concept and implementation of cloud technology. Marketers have grasped the potential messaging and branding benefits of the cloud with both hands. As is often … Continued

  • This Is What “Responsive Design” Means


    The Internet isn’t just on your computer screen anymore. It’s also on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and god knows what else in the next few years. So when you visit a modern webpage, its design should take our multiplatform world into account, and morph to ideally match the size and shape of the … Continued

  • 2013 – The Year Of The Hybrid Cloud


    The gurus of the Cloud Management industry are betting that 2013 will prove to be the year of Hybrid Cloud Computing. Cloud Management as a concept and a service has truly blossomed. Moreover, it is expected to keep on growing at the same rate. Cloud Computing, as an industry, is expected to achieve a revenue … Continued