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  • Understanding Technical Debt: Cutting Corners That Can Cost You Later


    Understanding Technical Debt: Cutting Corners That Can Cost You Later Cloud technologies are known to offer many benefits, but it’s safe to say that two words dominate expectations when it comes to development cycles: faster and nimbler. As more organizations implement agile development, it’s becoming clear that expedited time to market is an expected standard … Continued

  • Corporate Identity


    What is a Corporate Identity? Corporate identity is about how you want your business to look to your target market – i.e. those folks you call clients or customers – as well as those other folks that haven’t become customers or clients yet…but you would like them to. This is generally achieved through the following: … Continued

  • Understanding The Technology Behind The Future Of Finance


    Slow and steady? Think again. In the world of financial trading, it is the company with the quickest network that wins the race. Ultra-low latency has become a critical network characteristic of many organizations wishing to stay competitive. This is particularly true for the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms. The race began with … Continued

  • Blue Skies: The Future Of Collaboration


    Collaboration has been an industry buzz word for as long as I dare to remember. However, despite the hype, collaboration tools have on the whole under-delivered and underperformed. For a majority of users, collaboration platforms are low on usability, high on awkwardness and frequently fragmented. For enterprises, they are typically low on customization potential and … Continued

  • Enterprise Mobility: The Current State Of Play


    Mobile access to corporate data is one of the biggest business challenges and opportunities the modern enterprise has to face. It has to balance the benefits of access to corporate data from anywhere, anytime with the security issues this raises. In other words, can the corporation secure its most precious assets while boosting productivity and … Continued

  • Cloud Database Of 2013 – Trends And Predictions


    Cloud Database of 2013 – Trends and Predictions Pardon the pun, but the cloud has been on the horizon of tech heads for a number of years and is finally having its time in the sun. The advantages that it bestows on its users is clear for all to see and those who had the … Continued

  • Investing In Unified Communications For Complex Organisations


    In recent years the technology used by consumers has surpassed the technology utilised by companies and organisations. Access to information and virtual communities is immediate and common place in our social lives. It is therefore viewed, as a natural extension, that we should expect the same levels of accessibility that sophisticated technology can give us, … Continued

  • Putting The ERP In Customer Experience Initiatives


    How much thought have you given recently to the role your ERP system plays in enabling your customer experience initiatives? When you implemented the system efficiency, scheduling, and getting more flexibility were probably on the list of goals, but not necessarily customer experience, even though it is impacted by all the other goals. When it … Continued