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  • The Revolution In Online Bookkeeping: Counting On The Cloud


    Unlike traditional software, online accounting technology provides the real-time controls and visibility needed to put small and microbusiness owners in the driving seat when it comes to their finances. The boom in function-rich cloud-based software is having a transformational effect on the vast small business community. Nowhere is this being felt more keenly than in … Continued

  • Skills Required To Land A Competitive Job In IT


    Experts from the HR department at social recruitment platform jobandtalent have evaluated the IT skills most sought after by employers when recruiting for top paid positions. Jobandtalent currently hosts over 30,000 IT jobs, and sources IT talent for industry leaders such as Accenture and Clifford Chance.   The salary of IT professionals varies, with more … Continued

  • Is the Cloud ready for Mission Critical Apps?


    By Vic Nyman “Cloud Computing!”  Is it the savior of IT or the bane of our existence?  Cloud computing has extreme potential, especially for achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings.  Unfortunately, with that potential is the potential for business disaster – outages in places you can’t control impacting customer satisfaction or even sales results.  Imagine … Continued

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  • What The Cloud Can Do For Your Small Business


    What The Cloud Can Do For Your Small Business If your company isn’t utilizing cloud computing technology, you risk falling behind in the marketplace. The cloud makes it easier to manage, share and store content and data, and the figures show that your competition has most likely already moved to the cloud or is about … Continued

  • Preserve Our Technological History: A Proposal


    I propose a broad movement to collect and preserve the books and other physical materials that document the creation and development of 20th century technology. As IT professionals, we naturally think of information as being digital. But vast quantities of technological data exist in books, papers, notes and other physical formats. These data, created by … Continued

  • Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication


    Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication In The Multi-Generational Workplace The advances being made on the technology side of business, such as cloud, social media and smartphone apps often have to stop and wait for the human side to catch up. Resistance, fear and inertia are rampant in companies whose managers and senior decision-makers remain … Continued

  • 4 Ways That Cloud Hosting Has Changed How We Do Business


    Cloud hosting has lowered the barrier to entry for IT provisioning, provided improved collaboration tools and platforms, driven innovation, and increased choice. There is a huge amount of hype surrounding the concept and implementation of cloud technology. Marketers have grasped the potential messaging and branding benefits of the cloud with both hands. As is often … Continued