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  • Communication – The Most Important Business Skill


    (6 Free Assets to Best Leverage Technology for Communications)  “Are you a team player?” – If you’ve interviewed for any position in the last five years, chances are you would have heard this question. But have you ever wondered what has made teamwork more important in business over the last few years? It’s because we live in … Continued

  • ERP: Point of Sale, Inventory management, Accounts and Banking Controls

    POS, Inventory, Accounts and Banking

    This custom multi store and multi company solution, is specifically designed to meet your company or organization unique business requirements. We work closely with our clients not only in documenting their requirements but also becoming their partner in providing an optimized POS and Inventory solution that caters to the specific needs of your enterprise. The … Continued

  • HR, Payroll And The Cloud


    Cloud systems have progressed from being the latest buzzword, to being an integral part of our day to day personal and working lives, changing the way we communicate not just with our loved ones, but our colleagues and business partners too. But more importantly, it’s changed the way in which we work, and this is … Continued

  • Cloud Database Of 2013 – Trends And Predictions


    Cloud Database of 2013 – Trends and Predictions Pardon the pun, but the cloud has been on the horizon of tech heads for a number of years and is finally having its time in the sun. The advantages that it bestows on its users is clear for all to see and those who had the … Continued

  • Five Cool Technologies Cloud Services Make Possible


    Cloud computing is essentially IT as a Service, where shared resources, software and data are accessed on demand via an internet connection. Whilst no one can predict how this will revolutionize technology in the future, for now, it’s already facilitating some pretty cool technologies. On-the-Go Entertainment Gaming platform Steam allows its users to purchase access to … Continued

  • Top 10 ways to keep your computer cool


    Keep it clean It’s especially desktops that tend to moulder under desks, their innards becoming clogged with dust, dirt and errant hairballs. Before trying anything else, we’d suggest you open up your PC (or laptop, if possible) and have a go at removing potentially several years’ worth of debris. Dust clogs the fans, and can … Continued

  • The Future Of The Personal Computer Is In The Cloud


    The Future Of The Personal Computer Is In The Cloud The predictions that the PC is about the go the way of the dinosaur (or the pager, or the fax machine) have largely come from the financial sector and rabid Apple fans. Both of these groups have seen declining computer sales, especially the recent 14% … Continued

  • The Revolution In Online Bookkeeping: Counting On The Cloud


    Unlike traditional software, online accounting technology provides the real-time controls and visibility needed to put small and microbusiness owners in the driving seat when it comes to their finances. The boom in function-rich cloud-based software is having a transformational effect on the vast small business community. Nowhere is this being felt more keenly than in … Continued