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  • Sitting On A Goldmine And Clueless? Tap Into Your Data Assets


    Most companies have inadvertently locked away the value of their enterprise data, because they can rarely harness the right information at the right time. When they finally do access information, it is often inaccurate, incomplete or unavailable. This is costing companies dearly in the form of lost revenue opportunities, greater operational costs, and increased risk … Continued

  • Hottest IT Skills in 2013 – Cloud, Mobile and BI


    While cloud computing is in first place among the technologies of interest to the corporate sector, the industry is a struggle for professionals in this field. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remain unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. The reason for this is lack of qualifications and … Continued

  • Disaster recovery: time for SMEs to look to the cloud


    With businesses of all descriptions now completely dependent on IT and telecoms to keep functioning, the need for a disaster recovery plan, no matter what size the business, has never been more compelling. Smaller businesses, lacking the standby facilities and support services enjoyed by their larger counterparts, can be hit particularly hard. Downtime is one … Continued

  • Blue Skies: The Future Of Collaboration


    Collaboration has been an industry buzz word for as long as I dare to remember. However, despite the hype, collaboration tools have on the whole under-delivered and underperformed. For a majority of users, collaboration platforms are low on usability, high on awkwardness and frequently fragmented. For enterprises, they are typically low on customization potential and … Continued

  • Storage Stalemate: Why Current Trends Are Breaking Old Storage Solutions


    While new technologies are being adapted at lightening pace across all kinds of industries, one thing has not changed: IT departments are expected to use antiquated storage solutions to meet their new storage needs. Just as we wouldn’t expect anyone to use a twenty-year old phone to communicate effectively, it is unreasonable to expect IT … Continued

  • Technology’s Role In Reducing Procurement Costs And Improving Financial Control


    Despite there being evidence that modern procurement methods deliver long-term added value and drive efficiencies, a large number of firms may be unwittingly exposing themselves to unnecessary risk because they do not have adequate visibility into their supply chain. Whatever size of company you’re responsible for, or however you’re managing procurement, keeping a tight control … Continued

  • Investing In Unified Communications For Complex Organisations


    In recent years the technology used by consumers has surpassed the technology utilised by companies and organisations. Access to information and virtual communities is immediate and common place in our social lives. It is therefore viewed, as a natural extension, that we should expect the same levels of accessibility that sophisticated technology can give us, … Continued

  • Keeping Your Organisation’s IT Hardware Assets Off The Scrapheap


    Last week the scale of Britain’s IT scrapheap was revealed in research by Crucial Technology, stating that Britain is throwing away 5,528 tonnes of PCs and laptops every year. The question is how many of these devices had reached the end of their usable life? How many could have been saved? Were they disposed of … Continued