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  • Blue Skies: The Future Of Collaboration


    Collaboration has been an industry buzz word for as long as I dare to remember. However, despite the hype, collaboration tools have on the whole under-delivered and underperformed. For a majority of users, collaboration platforms are low on usability, high on awkwardness and frequently fragmented. For enterprises, they are typically low on customization potential and … Continued

  • Invisible Computing: How Cloud Is Forcing Software And Hardware Apart


    Invisible Computing: How Cloud Is Forcing Software And Hardware Apart By 2018, Gartner predicts that 70 per cent of professionals will conduct their work on personal mobile devices, enabled by the revolutionary concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing essentially separates software from the logical functionality of local hardware. In other words, instead of needing computing … Continued

  • Understanding Technical Debt: Cutting Corners That Can Cost You Later


    Understanding Technical Debt: Cutting Corners That Can Cost You Later Cloud technologies are known to offer many benefits, but it’s safe to say that two words dominate expectations when it comes to development cycles: faster and nimbler. As more organizations implement agile development, it’s becoming clear that expedited time to market is an expected standard … Continued

  • Five Cool Technologies Cloud Services Make Possible


    Cloud computing is essentially IT as a Service, where shared resources, software and data are accessed on demand via an internet connection. Whilst no one can predict how this will revolutionize technology in the future, for now, it’s already facilitating some pretty cool technologies. On-the-Go Entertainment Gaming platform Steam allows its users to purchase access to … Continued

  • What is Cloud Computing?

    The “cloud” in cloud computing can be defined as the set of hardware, networks, storage, services, and interfaces that combine to deliver aspects of computing as a service. Cloud services include the delivery of software, infrastructure, and storage over the Internet (either as separate components or a complete platform) based on user demand..

  • Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication


    Clearing The Path Towards Collaboration And Communication In The Multi-Generational Workplace The advances being made on the technology side of business, such as cloud, social media and smartphone apps often have to stop and wait for the human side to catch up. Resistance, fear and inertia are rampant in companies whose managers and senior decision-makers remain … Continued

  • HR, Payroll And The Cloud


    Cloud systems have progressed from being the latest buzzword, to being an integral part of our day to day personal and working lives, changing the way we communicate not just with our loved ones, but our colleagues and business partners too. But more importantly, it’s changed the way in which we work, and this is … Continued

  • Is Cloud Computing The Key To SME Growth?


    It’s one of life’s indisputable facts that sustained growth is a sign of health and vitality. Whether it’s for businesses, social groups, or even the human body, growth is a key indicator that all is going to plan. But what happens when this growth is stunted? In bodily terms, growth can be impacted by a … Continued