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Corporate Identity

What is a Corporate Identity? Corporate identity is about how you want your business to look to your target market – i.e. those folks you call clients or customers – as well as those other folks that haven’t become customers or clients yet…but you would like them to. This is generally achieved through the following:


  • Corporate design: logos, corporate colours, uniforms, etc.
  • Corporate communication: public relations, promotional material, etc.
  • Corporate behaviour: values of your business and how those values are demonstrated/promoted

Macrosource helps you in creation of a strong corporate identity which also involves consistency in the organization’s actions, behavior, products, and brands, and often reflects the mission statement of an organization. A positive corporate identity can promote a sense of purpose and belonging within the organization and encourage employee commitment and involvement.

Once you have a name and logo, you can then develop a larger creative corporate identity through additional considerations including domain registration, company website, business cards, newsletters, virtual magazine, out door advertizing to social links. You should consider a unique color scheme, with particular shades of certain colors that become associated with your business.

Managing corporate identity is serious business, especially in a crowded market. Our specialists work extensively with our client companies before they launch, and every time they introduce new products or services.

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